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Kirstie Fleur

For Kirstie Fleur, Freedom is more than a right. Freedom is her purpose. 

It’s the driving force behind her company Freedom Fleur, a luxury sustainable clothing brand that makes no apology for ethically-made luxury clothing. Freedom Fleur shows women, that while being powerful, they can also have luxury, rest, ease, and quality without apology. 

Kirstie’s ed-tech platform the FF Social Club ™ was created to merge women’s personal and professional growth, innovation, and leadership in one place. As Founder + CEO, Kirstie is focused on Resourcing the Visionary Woman ™ of all backgrounds and circumstances with the support and resources they need to realize their dreams—whether it be building a business of their own or getting started on their personal healing journey. 

A Veteran, Kirstie found herself struggling with direction upon her return home, which was further clouded by the lingering aftermath of sexual abuse she experienced in her youth. One night, she discovered a documentary about female survivors of assault that struck a chord and initiated a bigger shift. When she realized she couldn’t take others where she hadn’t gone herself, Kirstie decided to address the unspoken—and that’s when she discovered the true power of her voice and developed The Soul Health Approach ™

Upon acknowledging her shadows, Kirstie’s calling came to light, releasing her from the limiting narrative she had been living by. This awakening started a new story for Kirstie, one that prioritized a healthier holistic lifestyle.  Kirstie has since worked to cultivate a new space of discovery and development. Freedom Fleur’s Social Club provides a direct line to invaluable tools for any woman with a vision.

Through this community of female founders and aspiring entrepreneurs, Kirstie is helping women gain clarity of vision and reconnect with their true purpose with her Soul Health Approach™ and it all leads to individual economic freedom. 

With her own childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer actualized through consistent hard work and vulnerability, Kirstie is an advocate for all women and the unique magic within them—and she believes they have an obligation to share it with the world.

Aa a  proud mother, wife, businesswoman, artist, speaker and activist, Kirstie knows balance is a conscious practice, but the joy and fulfillment from your passions should come with ease.

The beauty behind Kirstie’s message? Freedom and success is something you can define and create for yourself. Though freedom itself can feel like a luxury, Kirstie knows it is the key to a life of sustainable joy, power, and pleasure—and therefore worth pursuing wholeheartedly. Kirstie is here to remind you of this truth and help illuminate a new path forward for you. 

Kirstie’s academic accreditation include a Bachelor of Science in Business Analysis and Management, an Associate of Science in Information Technology Management, and a Master’s Degree from Wheaton College in Leadership, with an emphasis on Intercultural Communication.