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Visionary Conversations: (Being Visionary)

Being a visionary woman encompasses a remarkable journey. In a world  that can be characterized by gender disparities, women have persistently juggled familial responsibilities, personal aspirations, educational pursuits, and individual struggles. A telling statistic underscores this reality: as of 2021, women held only 26.5% of parliamentary seats globally, showcasing the uphill battle women face to attain leadership roles and effect change.

The path to visionary status can  often be fraught with difficulties. Striking a balance between nurturing families, pursuing personal dreams, and overcoming obstacles requires immense resilience and determination. As visionary women navigate the intricate weave of our lives, we have the ability to emerge as true leaders, exemplifying grace under pressure and inspiring others through our tenacity. In fact, studies have highlighted that companies with a higher representation of women in leadership roles tend to exhibit increased innovation and financial performance, underscoring the transformative impact visionary women have on our world.
In my personal journey, I've learned that being a visionary commences with seizing agency and acknowledging that despite challenges, we need not relinquish our dreams to mere survival.  We are all acquainted with the weight of deferred hopes, yet being visionary entails perceiving the grander panorama. It involves adopting an aerial perspective, recognizing that today's trials need not dictate our tomorrows. Our obstacles hold the potential to serve a higher purpose, contingent upon our viewpoint.
 To all the remarkable women out there, contemplating the paths of becoming visionaries, rest assured, you already are. Your strength and resilience exceed your awareness, having already triumphed over many hurdles.   The journey towards being visionary begins with embracing the voice within, and today marks the dawn of your legendary odyssey. Here's to you, your now, your future and  the remarkable visionary you are destined to be.

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