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Mastering the Three C's for CEOs: Navigating Clients, Colleagues, and Confidants While Protecting Your Energy

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship and personal growth, it is essential to have the right people around us and safeguard our energy. In the recent episode of the Visionary Woman podcast, we explore the three C's for CEOs and discuss strategies to recognize and handle energy vampires in our lives. When building a visionary business and mindset, it is crucial to have a supportive team of  clients, colleagues, and confidants. Let's delve into these concepts and discover how we can take our dreams to the next level.

Understanding the Roles:

Clients are individuals or organizations that receive products or services from our business. Colleagues are the people we collaborate with professionally, sharing similar roles or responsibilities. Confidants are trusted individuals with whom we can discuss personal matters and receive emotional support. Grasping the roles and boundaries of these relationships is vital for maintaining balance and achieving success.

Recognizing and Dealing with Energy Vampires:

Energy vampires are people who drain our energy and hinder our progress. They exhibit behaviors such as constant drama, one-upmanship, and a negative mindset. Energy vampires tend to minimize our problems while magnifying their own and may display codependent tendencies.

Protecting Your Energy and Establishing Boundaries:

To break free from draining relationships, we can employ practical strategies. Developing self-awareness plays a significant role in recognizing these patterns and setting boundaries. By affirming what is true and visualizing a closed energy space, we can shield ourselves from negative influences. Spending time with positive individuals and achieving a balance between clients, colleagues, and confidants are crucial steps in protecting our energy.


The journey towards realizing our dreams encompasses personal and professional growth. Surrounding ourselves with the right people and safeguarding our energy are vital components of this process. By understanding the roles of clients, colleagues, and confidants, we can cultivate a robust support network. Identifying and effectively managing energy vampires allows us to maintain focus and positive momentum. Remember, nurturing relationships that uplift and inspire us is key to achieving success.

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