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Welcome to the Visionary Woman Blog. I am so excited to have also just aired my new Visionary Woman podcast! 

In this new episode, I  explain why I rebranded our podcast from "Artisan Way" to the "Visionary Woman." Initially, I  started the podcast as a means to communicate with women who are artists, like myself. But as our podcast progressed, I realized that our message wasn't restricted to artists only. The podcast was for all women, no matter what industry they were in. It was for women who had dreams and visions for their lives but felt discouraged because of life's obstacles. The podcast aimed to empower women to be visionary and take charge of their lives.

I have invited all visionary women, artists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders, who were carving their paths to join this community. The podcast features powerful women from various fields who are living their lives on their terms. In this new episode you will learn more about me, our mission and vision and what I do as the founder and CEO of Freedom Fleur and the FF Social Club.

Freedom Fleur is a sustainable clothing brand that empowers and reskills women. Freedom Fleur operates as a for-profit social enterprise and focuses on uplifting women from all backgrounds by providing support, resources, and community.

Our mission is to empower women and all people, to pursue their dreams and visions.  I also share with you the exciting community we have created for you through the FF Social Club. The FF Social Club  platform provides a community for the aspiring entrepreneur and female founder with a space to build their businesses, heal, and find peers who share their goals.


 We have created a place where you can come daily or weekly and be inspired to continue on your wholeness  journey, while building your entrepreneurial dream.

The work that my team and I do is about resourcing courageous women like you and making the necessary tools available for you to THRIVE in every way. 

Our aim is  to inspire you to be visionary, take charge of your life, and build the businesses and lifestyle you desire on your own terms. I  look forward to you taking this journey with us as we learn, grow… and FLEURISH.

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