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Back to Home : An Introspective Journey

In a world where the concept of home has been increasingly put under scrutiny due to global circumstances, it becomes imperative to delve into what this term truly means.

This podcast episode embarks on a journey of introspection and self-discovery, delving into the essence of 'home.'

Moving to a new city can often act as a catalyst for introspection. This was my experience when my family and I moved to Nashville, Tennessee, a time that forced us to grapple with the concept of home. It led us down a path of self-discovery, resulting in my latest single, 'Home,' a heartfelt musical exploration of this theme. 

We often think of home in terms of physical elements like a house or a hometown. However, the emotional and psychological aspects of home, such as love, security, culture, and friendships, are equally important. They contribute significantly to our sense of belonging and identity. But, what happens when we feel disconnected from these elements? 

Throughout the episode, I  share our journey of tackling such challenges and finding balance and peace amidst chaos. I discuss my  song 'Home,' its profound message, and how it mirrors our journey. I  extend an invitation to you, our listeners, to connect with our story and potentially uncover deeper insights into your own perceptions of home and belonging.

Recognizing the essential elements that create a sense of home are vital. Factors such as rest, shelter, security, comfort, belonging, privacy, peace, cultural roots, love, friendships, connections, self-esteem, self-actualization, nourishment, and social bonds all play a role in shaping our feeling of home.

However, there's another side to this coin. It's about what happens when we feel displaced from our family, friends, or our own sense of wellbeing. How do we cultivate a sense of home and peace under such circumstances? This podcast episode explores these ideas, delving into the process of building safety and community even in unfamiliar or uncomfortable circumstances.

The reality is home isn't just a physical space. It's an emotional and psychological sanctuary, a place where we can be ourselves without judgment. It's a space where we can grow, thrive, and ultimately, belong. I hope this song and movement both inspire you  to embark upon your own journey of self-discovery and introspection about the concept of home.

Whether you're an individual grappling with your sense of home or a community leader striving to foster a sense of belonging among your members, I hope you find yourself at a safe place that is foundational for you. Remember, home is not just about where you are; it's about who you are and who you're with.

Download your copy of “HOME” on 8/18 on all streaming platforms. 

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