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Grace for the Pace

30 Weeks Pregnant but CAN I BE HONEST?

I am trying my best to nurture my time with my 1st born as much as I can. My hubby booked us suprise tickets to a mom & son play to see Aladdin last weekend and we spent the whole day just @knox.horton and mom. Honestly most days I am so exhausted(health). I feel lack in my connect with my son and it doesn’t feel good.


While I am beyond grateful for my baby girl and praying daily for a safe delivery and healthy girl I am trying to extend as much grace as I can to myself in all the areas of life right now.

I haven’t talked about it here but my baby is measuring on the smaller side which has landed me in the *high risk* pregnancy category. Somedays it’s felt like what now?!

I’m exhausted driving 30 mins to Franklin,TN weekly to see the high risk doctor, on top of my regular OB visits weekly, managing a family, several businesses and my own health and wellness journey. Did I mention actually setting up the babies nursery? Deciding to take a step back and work from home has given me the mental space to think about prepping my home for my sweet baby girl. 

Last week we canceled our baby shower. It was sad for me honestly. Feeling like I couldn’t get all the things together to shower this miracle baby with just as much love as Knox got. However, when my bandwidth is low I have to listen to that inner voice that says NO MAAM! Fortunately, my husband felt the lack of bandwidth for us as a family to tote this event and moved for us to cancel. I have so much joy celebrating in general but celebrating those I love, like my baby is a double joy for me. I believe in celebration so we will take time to celebrate and honor her even as a small family and even if that means eat that whole cake we ordered ourselves in the middle of our living room in pajamas.

I am officially working from home my loves. I am  popping into the office only for meetings and podcast recordings. Do I have any Enneagram 4w3’s out there? You know how hard it is for us to feel like we are not achieving our goals. Do I have any founders and CEOs out there? You know the unique set of challenges we face as women in business. My husband does not have to take off work to have a baby. He will never have to consider how bringing life into the world affects his day-to-day operations at work. He is kind and empathetic to the joys and obstacles Women face but he does realize they are unique to us and honestly that awareness and empathy is enough for me. 

This is not even the half of what we typically juggle on a day-2-day as multi-entrepreneurs but I am sharing this to let you know if you are feeling inadequate you’re in good company. I really do believe that acceptance of our humanity is what makes us STRONGER.

If you’re a business owner, achiever, leader and so on hear me good, EVERYDAY try your best to prioritize your wellness. Listen to what your body is speaking.

If you’re a woman nurture your divine feminine needs

Honoring your Intuition, respecting your heart-centeredness, compassion for yourself, accepting seasons of change, practicing forgiveness, gentleness, collaborating to foster ease and rest, creating to release and overall kindness.

Give yourself what you need (I sure am).

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