Kirstie Fleur
Kirstie Fleur is a singer-songwriter who pulls inspiration from her love of Jazz, R&B and Soul. Her eclectic taste in music is just as flavorful and diverse as her Louisiana roots and marry what is her expression of art. She is known for her intimate soulful vocals which gives you an inside look at what’s in her heart and on her mind. If you ask Kirstie what drives her to write music, she will tell your LIFE. She writes music about what is on her heart and mind. She is a lover of justice and promoter of freedom and love. With her latest work evoking what she calls social activism.


In early 2017 Kirstie released her first single, “Settling Down” into the world. A year later, in November 2018 she released her second single titled “Abba Father.” Her full album “Meeting Place”, a 10-track project filled with soaring-airy vocals and meaningful lyrics, was released in 2020. Kirstie is constantly writing and working on new music and is releasing her new single “Reform” in mid-May. 


Alongside her music career, Kirstie is a social entrepreneur, fashion designer, and advocate for women. Kirstie had a dream to see women stand in power and freedom. Her gift for creative leadership led her to start an ethical clothing brand to provide resources for aspiring and female founders. Kirstie currently resides in Nashville, TN with her husband and son.